Rice and Noodle Cuisine



  • Cold Rolls (2 pcs)

    • Vegetarian $5.99
    • Chicken $6.99
    • Shrimp $6.99

    Fresh lettuce, coriander, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, cucumbers and wrapped in rice paper.

  • Thai spring Rolls (2 pcs)

    • Vegetarian $5.99
    • Chicken $6.99

    A filling of rice vermicelli, taro, Chinese mushrooms, carrots and onions wrapped in a light pastry and deep fried. Served with a sweet and sour Thai chili sauce. 

  • Thai dumpling

    • $10.99

    Wontons sauteed in a spicy peanut sauce and garnished with green onions.

  • Calamari

    • $10.99

    Tantalizingly tender slices of squid coated with special Thai spices and deep-fried. Served with house sauce.

  • Thai platter serve (2-4)

    • $25.99

    Thai spring rolls, calamari, Sesami Ball, almond shrimp. Served with house sauce and peanut sauce.   

  • Coconut sticky rice

    • $6.99

    Sticky rice cooked in coconut cream, garnished with black sesame seeds and served with peanut sauce.

  • Almonds Shrimp (8 pcs)

    • $16.99

    Tiger shrimp deep-fried in a light almond batter served with house sauce.

  • Almond Chocolate Chicken (8 pcs)

    • $16.99

    Chicken breast deep fried in a light almond batter with chocolate.

  • 9 Sesami Ball

    • $5.99

    Sticky rice powder, red bean paste,sesame seed,sugar, water, vegetable oil and salt.

  • Egg Roll

    • $2.50
  • Deep Fried Wonton

    • $10.99

    Deep fried dumplings with Thai sweet chili sauce.