Rice and Noodle Cuisine

Thai Dinner

Thai Dinner

  • Dinner for ONE

    • $18.99

    Thai Spring Roll, Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai Chicken and Cashew Chicken.

  • Dinner for TWO

    • $34.99

    Thai Spring Roll(2), Tom Yum Soup(2), Pad Thai Chicken, Ginger Chicken.

  • Dinner for THREE

    • $47.99

    Thai Spring Roll(3), Coconut Soup(3), Pad Thai Chicken, Spicy Basil Beef, Curry Chicken.

  • Dinner for FOUR

    • $62.99

    Thai Spring Roll(4), Hot & Sour soup(4), Pad thai Chicken, Cashew Chicken, Curry Chicken, House Fried Rice.

  • Dinner for FIVE

    • $78.99

    Thai Spring Roll(5), Wonton or Tom Yum soup(5), Mixed Pad thai, Cashew Chicken, Red Curry Beef, Garlic Shrimp, House Fried Rice.


  • Dinner for SIX Super Special

    • $92.99

    Thai Spring Roll(6), Wonton or Tom Yum soup(6), Cashew Chicken, Bangkok Ginger Beef,
    Garlic Shrimp, Mixed Vegetable, Mixed Pad Thai, House Fried Rice and Rice.